Modular Operation Theatre Manufacturers in India


New Operating Room Light Fixtures Kill Bacteria Safely and Continuously
Modular Operation Theater Suppliers in India

Casaluci, we plan the Future of the Healthcare

We design and create highly innovative and specialized patient-centered solutions for healthcare spaces.

Operation Theatre Equipment Suppliers in India

Avitis Super Speciality Hospital (Nenmara - India)


From shell to asset: our patient-centered spaces revolutionize the administration and prospect of success of care.

In a scenario where the relationship between doctors and patients becomes fundamental, we are promoters of innovation  by developing high-tech design systems  capable of being real patient-centered assets that redefine the life of healthcare ecosystems.


Sulthana Thaha Saifuddin Hospital (Jambi - Indonesia)


We were born and continue to grow in an area rich in culture and design: our source of inspiration that makes us authentic and pioneers at the same time. Between the centuries-old olive trees and the sea we have created a modern and bright space where age-old traditions and creative ingenuity meet. We produce every component of our projects in Italy with maximum accuracy and precision. Custom-made allows us to translate our clients' unique visions into comfortable spaces where people can collaborate, socialize and care.

Firm and deep roots are our secret to reaching ever higher heights: in every solution we infuse the refined and unique expertise of Made in Italy.

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