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Day Care Surgery


Minor Surgical Procedure which may perform administrating Local Anesthesia and in most cases patient can go back home on the same day without much Blood Loss !Minimum Access Intervention –Laparoscopic surgery of less than 30 min. procedure falls under this category .

There is a paucity of evidence on whether or not procedures carried out under these conditions are associated with increased infection rate , specially surgical site infection (SSI) !

The main source of airborne contamination is the skin of those moving inside the theatre, i.e. the staff. A classic study of operating theatre ventilation found that counts of airborne increased due with degree of movement and numbers of personnel within the theatre .

A Contour LAF with min. 15 Air change will be effective with basic Antibacterial paint on the ceiling and Wall with a copper mesh laid Vinyl flooring would be an ideal solutions ! Importance to be given on the Coving and capping of the wall and ceiling areas !

Ideal temperature inside the room would be to maintain between 21ºC ± 3ºC , and Humidity of (Rh) 40% to 60% range .

80,000 LUX to 120,000 LUX ceiling or Mobile LED light would address the Surgical challenges .




Cardiac & Cardiothoracic OR


For Cardiac surgery it is recommend to have minimum 650 SQFT to 800SQFT OR and a ceiling height to be more than 11 FT from the floor. Guided Airflow or 8X8 LAF with HEPA filter of superior quality would be recommended of min 25 air Change per hour . Preheating of the patient of more than 22º C , is desired before entering in to OR where temperature would not go below 17ºC , and a humidity of around 55% . 50 mm thick (Puff) HPL wall Panel and Ceiling would be more suitable for Cardiac OR .Automatic Hermitically sealed sliding door with motion control and viewing window , to maintain positive pressure of 15 Pascal is required . Pressure relief Dampener required to release excess pressure as an when required. Dynamic Hatch Box with UV light is necessary to put in.

High quality 2mm thick vinyl flooring needs to be installed with high grade of efficient skill personnel.

A Triple dome LED ceiling light of 160,000 LUX +160,000LUX +140,000 LUX would be an ideal requirement for vain harvesting as well CABG procedure and other open heart procedure.

If Hospital wants Cathlab as HYBRID OR to be integrate then the minimum size of the OR would be 1000 SQFT and communication with High end CoPACS system as control panel is recommended.




Neuro & Spine OR


A very high quality operating table with all relevant accessories are required as “C-ARM” would be an integral part of the OR.

Navigation system would require extra 3X3 Ft space inside the Neuro /Spine OR . A high end surgeon control panel ( Touch Screen ) integrated with hospitals PACS system would ease out doctors challenges during surgical procedure .

HPL or SS 316 or SS304 Wall and ceiling panel would be recommended with an ultraclean air ventilation system of min 25 to 30 Air change per hour is recommended.




Orthopedic & Implants


A multipurpose Operating table with 160K+160K LUX high efficiency HD LED light is very much recommended. Chances of airborne infection is very high in this nature of surgical procedure ; it is extremely important for the patient to have on ultra clean environment during post op care.

Glass wall material or HPL wall material would be highly recommended for these kind of operating rooms. Regular maintenance of the AHU , HEPA and prefilter is advisable and strictly followed .

Understanding the real-time particle counter Monitor is an important aspect to judge how safe is the OR during and after the surgical procedure. Motion control Hermitically sealed Door is a necessary part to built this type of OR.




Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery


An OR designed for laparoscopy and thoracoscopy improves productivity and convenience. Laparoscopic rooms ideally have piped carbon dioxide (CO2) to inflate the abdomen so that personnel do not need to handle a CO2 tank.

Robotic surgery requires a 5 × 5 ft space at the foot of the table where the robot is placed. Ceiling- or wall-mounted screens allow easy visualization of the laparoscopic or robotic images .Care must be taken to ensure that booms for the surgical lights and screens can be moved into the appropriate positions required by the procedures to be performed in the specific room and will not interfere with other equipment in the room. Multi Monitor system with Unique Operation Room AV architecture to be integrated for Data and Image storing and real time communication purpose.

140K+140K Ceiling HD LED Lighting systems with the ability to switch from a normal room-lighting pattern to specially colored lights may enhance visualization of images projected on room monitors and should be considered in the design phase. Basic material like Calcium silicate or specially made silver impregnated antibacterial property fused PVC would be an ideal wall material for this kind of operating room .



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