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Breeding the Concept

BiOM’s OR expert meeting the customer understanding the plan what they have in their mind and chalk down the plan accordingly .Collecting the RAW ideas from the customer and transforming into real Design plan.

Site Visit and Measurement

BiOM’s expert visits the site , understand the workflow – traffic flow inside and out side the sterile and dirty area and initiate the design in a very in an extreme clinical way after proper measurement on the site.

CAD Drawing

Operation Room Design  in India Collection of the CAD drawing from the Customer and verifying the measurement what they had collected from the site ; prepare the new Design as per the client discussion and best clinical needs depending on the sterile and Dirty area in mind.

3D Planning

OT Pendant Manufacturers in India Conversion of the final CAD into the 3D planner to create virtual OR , what is going to transform into reality.

Customers final word

Recheck the entire plan with the customer after preparing the BOM and BOQ and the final drawing ! This step is extremely critical on the final agreement with the customer.

Price Proposal

Operation Theatre Equipment Suppliers in India After finalization of step:5, Our system will automatically prepare the costing of the project , which ideally deliver the transparent cost management system.

Execution work initiation

Collecting the final order and signoff the final drawing & design we will initiate the work on erecting of the Wall Panel and Ceiling fixation on the proposed OR .The GAP pipeline inside OR work and electrical connection will initiate along side.

OR Light and the Pendant

Modular Operation Theater Suppliers in India Fixation of the Light flange and the Pendant flange and marking on LAF /GAF is a critical & important steps.

Communication system /integration

Modular Operation Theatre Manufacturers in India The integration of Surgeon control Panel if necessary with PACS and integrating with HIS and other communication devices are to be taken care before initiation of the final steps.

Automatic Door & Antistatic flooring

Automatic Hermitically sliding Door with the Motion control ability with Magic switch integration is another milestone before laying the copper strip for flooring.

Final Integration and Checking and inspection

We bridge the gap between our promise and our deliverable in this stage and all areas to be taken into serious consideration before we go ahead with testing and handing over to the customer.

Final Testing and Handing over

We do test the colony count and if real-time particle count device being installed we make sure that these devices should work as per standard , so that clinically OR can run as per Class 100 /Class 1000 or class 100,000 in various zone inside the OR !Important is that, how realistic is the cleanliness during and after the surgery. With our own researched Particle count devices we make sure to deliver our promise to the customer. At the same time a maintenance manual would be given to the customer for future and day to maintenance to be followed.



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